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Thursday, August 19, 2010


One United World. One Powerful Team.
One Global Compensation Plan. Click here to learn more

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Seven Video Communication Products.
Two Packages With One Global Price Point.

Now, every Talk Fusion Associate in the world has the same incredible packages and pricing. Two affordable packages with unlimited business-building potential:

Starter Package for $175
Executive Package for $375
Global momentum is at an all time high! In just one week, we had someone achieve the highest rank in Talk Fusion history! Now, you can sponsor anyone virtually anywhere! Enjoy the same phenomenal compensation and bonuses!

Higher Compensation – earn more money faster
Rank Advancement Bonuses – qualify quicker for cash rewards
New Executive Bronze Maker Bonus – upgrade to
Executive today!
Industry Leading Payouts!
Take advantage of the same phenomenal Talk Fusion benefits!

New Website – So impressive and cutting-edge you can direct all your Prospects to ONE location!
New Videos – See all that’s new and exciting! Watch our Opportunity Video, Talk Fusion in 60 Seconds Video, the Evolution Video, the Product Video and our Video Tutorials today!
New Business Center Video Tutorials.

When you join Talk Fusion you will have access to an entire series of short, simple step-by-step Video Tutorials will teach you how to successfully monitor your Talk Fusion Global business and help your organization grow.

How do I earn an Executive Bronze Maker Bonus?

You must become an Executive Associate within 60 days of joining Talk Fusion. Or if you are currently a Starter Associate, you must upgrade to Executive by 8/21/10. Then, you must become Active and Qualified ("Go Bronze") by personally sponsoring two new Executive Associates, one on your left and one on your right. When you help both of them also "Go Bronze", you will be an Executive Bronze Maker and earn a $150 Bonus! The number of bonuses you can earn is unlimited.

How do I earn Rank Advancement Bonuses?

Advancement Bonuses are a one-time bonus that is paid when you reach a specified rank for the first time and maintain that rank for two consecutive weeks. For example, if you advance from 3 Star to Diamond and maintain the Diamond rank for two weeks, you would receive a cash bonus of $1,000.

How much are the FAST Start Bonuses?

For every Starter you sell, you’ll earn $10; for every Executive you sell, you’ll earn $50. There is no limit to the number of Fast Start Bonus you can earn!

What are Cycles?

Every time your team generates Sales Volume (SV) of 100 in both your left and right legs, you will earn a Commission Cycle of $25. You can do this over and over again each day, up to $50,000 per week!

When are commissions calculated?

All commissions are calculated at the end of the commission cycle, which ends Saturday at 11:59 pm Eastern. Any Sales Volume generated from Sunday, 12:01am Eastern - Saturday at 11:59 pm Eastern will be paid one week from the following Monday by end of business. For example, all commissions earned during the commission cycle ending Saturday, June 26th will be paid on Monday, July 5th.

Do I have a Cap on my weekly earning potential?

Yes. You may earn a maximum team commission of $50,000 USD per week. There is no max on Matching Bonuses and the Leadership Pool!

Which countries are included in the 1% Leadership pool?

All countries with Active Associates in the Talk Fusion and Talk Fusion Global downlines.

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